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Creative Director | Strategist | Design Thinker

Helping Businesses Create
Authentic Customer Experiences


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Who Iz(he)?

Creative Director | Strategist | Design Thinker

Helping Businesses Create Authentic Customer Experiences

I’m a Creative Director and Strategist with 15+ years of developing successful strategic creative solutions focused on authentic customer experiences.

With experiences varying from Dot-Com websites, online platforms and events to world renowned Advertising Agencies as well as extensive client side experience. I took a deep dive into the world of visual communication and marketing strategies to absorb the many faces of the trade and to emerge as a leading force in strategic, innovative and creative marketing solutions. This reflected on a client list including Apple, BlackBerry, TELUS, FIDO, Ford, Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Yahoo!, VISA, CIBC, TD Canada Trust, Cineplex, Sobey’s, Parents, 2006 Asian Olympics, City of Barrie and Lavalife.

I put a lot of passion in utilizing and applying a blend of transactional and transformational entrepreneurial leadership and I’m a big advocate of Design Thinking, so I approach team building through positive collaboration and motivating engagement. This is highly effective in establishing trust, confidence and respect amongst peers and colleagues in order to bring out the best potential from the team. It also enables fearless ownership, honest accountability and promotes quick and effective problem solving.

Expertise in creative & art direction, creative & digital marketing strategies, customer experience strategies, causal marketing, UX & UI, web design & dev., E-mail marketing, integrated campaigns, social media marketing, CRM and promotions.

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Character & Philosophy

The measure of a man is what he does with power - Plato


Every challenge presents an opportunity for evolution and growth.


Critical for nurturing the team’s potential and crisis management.


Making decisions that benefit the business and the team regardless of the circumstances.


Turning common goals into shared goals ensures passion, commitment and accountability.


A major component in breaking the ice, silos and injecting endorphins in the process.

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Leadership & Management

When you want to build a ship, do not begin by gathering wood, cutting boards, and distributing work, but awaken within the heart of man the desire for the vast and endless sea. - Antoine de Saint Exupéry


〉 Building trust by respecting individuality and personal expertise.

Appreciating and understanding team input creates a shared and supported vision.

〉 Open and respectful communication empowers the team to positively collaborate.

Faith in the team’s abilities inspires members to explore and expand their potential.

Leading from within exemplifies that success is an act of determination & perseverance.

〉 Applying intrinsic motivation to enable team members to discover satisfaction at the job.

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Find me

I’m always at the Breaking of the Waves; shifting paradigms, recreating realities and the never-ending pursuit of knowledge expansion. Why don’t we go grab a pike and explore how we can positively collaborate?

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